Alice, Nick and Kayla were over at my place today, and we were basically hanging out for eight hours, aha. xD We were cuddling a lot, actually, which was really great, and we ended up playing Cards Against Humanity too. uvu Ive never actually played before, and we tried to keep it clean, aha. xDD It was a lot of fun.

We watched Highschool Musical too, and we watched an episode of Supernatural! c: Nick, Alice and I were messing around with the random deviant button on dA for a while, while we were waiting for Kayla to be finished babysitting, which was pretty interesting. xD

Im going to be going to Nicks place tomorrow at like five too! ewe Ill get to hang out with him and Alice and Kayla for another like five hours, which will be a lot of fun! X3 Im really looking forward to it~ 

Its sort of weird to think that getting to hang out with Alice in person was just a day-to-day thing we got to do all the time before she moved, and now its been almost two years since Ive seen her- shes basically been an online friend for the past two years. ;o;

Anyway, I dont have time to explain anything tonight, because its already ten thirty eight, and I have to go to bed. ;u;

Ill be on again tomorrow! ^^

Night guys! :D